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Design, programming, localization and maintenance of international websites

With your website it's important to hit the bull's-eye. It is your business card and it has to be not only aesthetically appealing but commercially effective, whatever the market to which it is aimed.

We carefully design the structure of your multilingual website, to aid navigability, which will help search engines like Google and your potential customers to use it effectively. The usability of your website as a whole is key to your success.

Moreover, filling the pages with high quality visual and written content, that's relevant and easy to find will also improve your reputation with the search engines and with potential customers that are looking for product online. Hence, our services are not limited to the mere design and programming of websites and mobile applications —we can also translate and even write original content for your website with commercially effective language.

Of course, if you already have your own website up and running, we can also take care of maintenance, so you know it will always be monitored and updated.

We have localized many websites and we don't have any problem dealing with all the file types usually involved because we are also website developers. You can trust LH, true specialists in website localization, just as many other international companies have done before you.

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