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How will we work for you?

In LH we follow a strict workflow procedure during the translation process (also adaptable to other processes) that guarantees the highest quality internationalization at the best price for the client.

After receiving the source material to translate and gathering all the required information from the client (such as the deadline, etc.), we proceed to the evaluation of the project, to foresee potential incidents that we might face during translation. As quickly as possible after this evaluation, we send a delivery date and cost estimation for approval by the client.

Following the approval of this estimation, we strictly follow our standard workflow:

  • Preparation: Distribution of different materials (including glossaries and translation memories) to competent professionals to use the time as best as possible and ensure compliance with the deadline (maybe some tasks that can be done simultaneously).
  • Translation: Always done by native translators specialized in your industry.
  • Editing: We never consider a translation as finished if it has not been previously read and edited.
  • Format: Applying the appropriate format in the content (basic —word processor— or using DTP) and the medium (file format, etc.)

  • Proofreading: Despite all precautions, you can always make mistakes, so a final stage of quality control of the project as a whole is needed.
  • Memory: Maintaining glossaries and translation memories for future projects.

This workflow specific for the translation process also applies broadly to other types of services (especially to software localization):

  • Stage 1: Detailed evaluation of the project (delivery date and cost estimation).
  • Stage 2: Performance of work by competent professionals in each field.
  • Stage 3: Quality control.
  • Stage 4: Applying lessons learned to future projects.

For more information please contact us and we'll be delighted to study your project in detail.

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