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Are you making the most of your effort and your money in online marketing for all your target languages? You need a clear strategy to combine localized e-mail campaigns and social media, community management, SEO and SEM.

Especially if you intend to sell directly in other markets, without the help of a local dealer, we can help you develop or localize a strategy for affordable online multilingual marketing that you can implement, measure, adjust and improve over time. All this so you can access the huge global online market that is out there waiting for you.

This SEO/SEM/SMM service includes the analysis, selection and localization of keywords based on market and competition, advice on correcting internal optimization parameters if necessary, external optimization and link building campaigns and constant monitoring of results.

Another important factor to publicize your brand or products may be to get references to them in the press, both in traditional media and new media. To do this, we offer our multilingual public relations service.

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