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Design and development of
multimedia products and websites

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Website creation

Our Web creation service includes not just the localisation of existing foreign Webs but also the creation of completely new ones. If you’re looking to create a basic Web with corporate information (such as this one), or a more complex site with interactive content such as an online store, we can make your Internet presence felt.

If you want to build a website you can count on us in all phases of the development process to: program interactive pages (PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Flash, etc.), localise content, design pages, register your site with search engines, register your domain. We can also develop your multilingual website from scratch according to your needs, as well as offer other related services.

We specialise in multimedia programming (on CD or DVD) aimed at the magazine publishing markets or other print publications. Our localisation and translation experience allows us to create both websites and multimedia products on CD or DVD based on the original foreign language version.

Multimedia programming

We can manage all aspects of the production process including: design, copy generation, audio, video, graphics and related product packaging. Thanks to our wide experience of publishing services we can offer the creation of both publications and manuals related to the product.

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