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Perfect adaptation of software is necessary in order to maximise sales in a foreign territory. A simple translation is not enough: all elements of the product, program, manual and related website need to fit local demands and to take into account the local operating system. We offer the service necessary to satisfy these requirements based on our experience of localising over 100 products during our twenty years history.

In many cases localisation kits do not live up to expectations which inevitably leads to delays in the product launch. Our experience allows us to detect these types of problems at the budget stage in order to be able to take the necessary measures to overcome such setbacks.

Web based project control system

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to working, involving various national languages and programming languages backed up by an exhaustive quality control process that includes beta-testing across different operating systems and configurations. Our flexibility and speed of localisation is greatly enhanced by our Web based project control systems and FTP server available to our clients throughout the development of the project.

Our localisation team is at your disposal with its wide experience in the adaptation of all types of computer publications, not just aimed at the Hispanic markets but also at markets in the European Union (English, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.), all backed up by our wide experience in the translation, layout and publication of books and technical magazines.

Software localisation

Our activity is not just limited to business appplications and manuals, but also covers the localisation of multimedia projects and entertainment software (with or without synchronised dubbing) even in the less widely spoken European languages such as Danish, Dutch or Polish for example.

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