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Website localisation and maintenance


Corporate information

Can I easily promote my products and services abroad? Can I easily promote my products and services abroad?

Yes and it only requires a small investment to get started: localise your website, in exactly the same way as we have done for this web page. The Internet is the key to opening the doors of the international markets to your business. Promoting and selling your products or services from, for example, London to Glasgow is just as easy as selling them to Paris or Amsterdam.


Are specialists needed to translate a website? Are specialists needed to translate a website?

If you want good results, the answer is yes. To get your web to work perfectly in other languages is not so easy as translating a business letter or a product manual. A website is a computer program with all the related technical complexities that this implies and requires specialists in this field to ensure that it works properly and doesn’t become a constant headache.


Is LH a conventional translation agency?

No, our speciality is technology. We are not a mere translation agency that limits itself to act as an intermediary between hundreds of freelance translators and the client, that offers little more than translated texts in the files that the client himself sends paying little attention to the true localisation of the material. We cover the complete localisation process which is why our budgets are not limited to a simple calculation based on the word count.


Does LH have much experience in this field? Does LH have much experience in this field?

We offer you the services of a well established company in which you can trust, that has been operating successfully for over 20 years in the market. Given our work in other areas such as programming, web creation or graphic design, we are able to go further than the mere translation of texts and offer you an integrated solution so that your web will function equally well in various languages without you having to do anything.


What knowledge do I need to be able to place the job of translating my website?

If you work with us, none. Don’t worry if you’ve lost contact of the programming team that originally built your website or if it is in a constant need of updating. We will take care of the multitude of problems that arise in the process of creating your international website. The following issues, amongst others, will have to be taken into account:

  • Translate the website, independently of whichever combination of technologies are used in it (Flash, Javascript, PHP...);
  • Localise not just the pages, but also whatever other material is necessary (images, videos, MySQL, Access databases...);
  • Update, maintain and create new pages if necessary;
  • Migrate your web to other ISPs, taking into account the changes necessary for it to be compatible with different programming technologies due to a variation in the server platform (Windows/Linux)...

Maybe you cannot follow the technical description of some of our services, but please remember that you don’t need to know anything about all of this: just place the job with us and we’ll take care of everything.


How much will LH charge to localise my website?

All of our services are within reach, at a competitive price, thanks to the fact that we have a highly professional team and technology tools that we have developed in house. Just get in touch with us directly via e-mail and we’ll be able to prepare you a quote with no strings attached.


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